Sidoarjo mud volcano retaining wall section sinks

A 50-meter section of a retaining wall built to stem the flow of mud from the ongoing mud volcano disaster in Siring village, Porong district in Sidoarjo, East Java, started to sink on Thursday.
Mud Volcano Spotted Arabian Sea

"Gooey" New Mud Volcano Erupts From Arabian Sea

There's a new island in the azure waters off Pakistan, but you might want to hold off on vacation planning: The tiny dot is a mud volcano that will likely disappear before it sees 1,001 Arabian nights.

Indonesia: Big Country, Big disasters

BANGKOK, 2 November 2010 (IRIN) - Concurrent disasters experienced in Indonesia in the week of 25 October - a volcano in central Java and an earthquake and tsunami off the southern coast of Sumatra - underscore the unique challenges this archipelago nation faces.

Russian Scientists: Drilling Did Not Trigger Sidoarjo Mud

Russian report says mud eruption was triggered by series of seismic events that reactivated centuries old mud volcano structure

Indonesian volcano erupts after 400 years of quiet

TANAH KARO, Indonesia ? Tens of thousands of people packed emergency shelters Monday after a long-dormant volcano in western Indonesia spewed clouds of hot ash and smoke more than a mile (several kilometers) into the air ? an eruption that caught scientists off-guard.

From Russia with LUSI

Suara Pembaruan Article - English version - August 10, 2010

Russian Scientists Unravel Mysteries of Indonesia Mud Disaster

3D subsurface imaging reveals inner workings of mud volcano

Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund Receives US$1M Russian Grant

Australia-based NGO Humanitus Foundation has announced the receipt of support for a US$1 million grant for technical equipment and assistance for its recently established Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund (HSF).

Indonesia Ranks as Second-Riskiest Place in World for Natural Disasters

Paris. Indonesia is one of the countries most vulnerable to natural disasters, according to an international study released on Thursday. It joins Bangladesh and Iran at the top of the list. Asia?s twin giants, China and India, are among the 15 countries that, out of 229, are rated as 'xtreme' risk.