Indonesian constitutional court (Mahkamah konstitusi) recent ruling - Lumpur Sidoarjo

Mahkamah Konstitusi

Mahkamah konstitusi is the highest court in Indonesia that rules on the constitutionality of laws & regulations passed by government bodies.

Recently a group of Sidoarjo citizens challenged the constitutionality of the 2013 Government Budget Law


The specific point they challenged was the unequal treatment among the victims outside the disaster are in Sidoarjo


The ruling is that the 2013 State Law must be amended to take into account equal treatment of all citizens outside the core disaster area. Displaced people inside the core disaster area have undertaken sale & purchase with Bakrie. The difference between what the people inside and outside the core area received in compensation is often the source of of dissatisfaction.


Bakrie related companies are not part of the ruling. In fact the consideration part contains a list of quotation attesting to Bakrie related companies as not having any legal liabilities.


Copy and paste this link to your browser to read the ruling document (Bahasa Indonesia)





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