In 2010 the Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund committed to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to conduct an independant social impact study into the current and ongoing effects of LUSI on the affected communities.

The 162 page report was completed in April 2011 and was released to coincide with the Humanitus / BPLS International Symposium in Indonesia in May 2011.

This report is available for download by interested parties through this website by following the links in the menu to the top of this website.

Some areas of the HSF Social Impact Report include, but are by no means limited to;

Social Funding to Date

  • Past funding expenditure
  • Detailed chart of expenditure
  • Agreements to date on social funding contributions
  • Past and future challenges facing social funding expenditure
  • Detailed maps of social expenditure to date

Social Programmes Initiated

  • Housing
  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment and skills training

Current Social Conditions

  • Housing and infrastructure
  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment and skills training
  • Government infrastructure

Current Economic Conditions

  • Business
  • Personal wealth
  • Tourism
  • Future threats
  • Opportunities

Cultural Impacts

  • Community ties
  • Ceremonies
  • Social interaction/communication
  • Employment and skills training

Past funding expenditure (including names of donors) will be examined in detail. This will include graphs, maps and charts of where funding has been spent to date.

As part of this examination a study will also be conducted on past and existing agreements between the Government and other parties, including compensation plans.

Humanitus personnel who carried out this report speak Bahasa Indonesia as a second language. They have a good understanding of the country, culture and its people as a result of having spent many years working, travelling and residing in the archipelago.

HSF appreciates the input and sharing of information from all parties who participated and contributed to this report.