The Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund, through a co-operative working agreement with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, assists both the Government, and the people of the impacted area, by raising awareness of the on-going effects of the disaster and contributing, in an advisory and consultative role, in areas of scientific research and environmental / social issues pertinent to this disaster.

The Directors of the Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund are committed to helping these communities and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia find long term solutions to the challenges they are facing.

These commitments of HSF and its board include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Co-ordinating a research group composed of experts from around the globe whose  primary focus is on finding long  term   predictions and possible solutions to Lumpur Sidoarjo.
  • Continue to assess the social impact of the Sidoarjo mud volcano, both current and ongoing, to gain a more thorough understanding of the serious implications of this disaster.
  • Use initial and subsequent scientific and social impact studies to assist in developing and improving programs to assist the affected communities.
  • Through media exposure and direct action; lobby governments, institutions and individuals to contribute funds to continue this research and social assistance program.

It is our belief that until this geological phenomenon is better understood only then can long term infrastructure and social planning programs be effectively implemented.

The Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund is affiliated with the Humanitus Foundation, a nonpartisan, non-religious, Australian registered NGO and charitable institution working within communities in SE Asia at all levels to achieve shared goals. The Sidoarjo Fund however has no financial affiliations with the Humanitus Foundation and operates as a separate entity.

Through an on-going interest the worlds largest, and fastest growing mud volcano, Humanitus Foundation Directors were inspired to launch the Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund (HSF) in March 2010 for scientific and social research into Lumpur Sidoarjo (LUSI), Indonesia's mud volcano. HSF has been established as a research fund, and a Government advisory board, for further scientific research and investigations into long term solutions to the environmental effects and social impact of LUSI.

HSF is proud to work in cooperation with Badan Penanggulangan Lumpur Sidoarjo (abbreviated BPLS). This agency was formed on April 8th 2007 in order to implement a strategic national mission of response and management of LUSI.

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