The Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund works with Bapel BPLS through a cooperative working agreement formed in April 2010.

Badan Penanggulangan Lumpur Sidoarjo (BPLS) is the Indonesian Government agency charged with the task of managing the Lumpur Sidoarjo disaster and was formed on April 8th 2007 in order to implement a strategic national mission of response and management of LUSI.

The four main tasks of BPLS are namely;

  1. the response and management of the eruption,
  2. manage draining of mud down 18 kilometers of the Porong River to form what is now a 95 hectare island,
  3. management of related social problems,
  4. managing the impact to local infrastructure.

Please click on the logos below to be redirected to the Badan Penanggulangan Lumpur Sidoarjo (BPLS) website and the website of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (both sites are in Bahasa Indonesia)